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May 2019 - North, Exhibition Opening

May The Fourth may forever be Star Wars Day, however, in 2019 it is the opening day of my second solo exhibition, North.  


Eduardo Alessandro Studios have done a fantastic job staging the exhibition, from the framing to the advertising and the "meet the artist" event this afternoon.  It was great to meet people interested in art and Scottish landscapes this afternoon and it was great to see the collection as whole for the first time, outside of my "studio" (Dumfries flat).


EA Studios, are hosting 2 solo exhibitions this month and it was lovely to meet Margaret Evans whose pastel and gouache peices are really evokative of the Scottish landscape and full of texture. 


The exhibition is open through to May 25th.  Fingers crossed for a continued good reception!

April 2019 - Merrick

With the onset of spring and longer daylight hours, the need to get out and about and explore Scotland builds. The fine weather on Saturday presented the first real opportunity this year to release that safety valve and head out hill walking.  I decided to head to Glentrool and the highest peak in Galloway, Merrick.  


From Dumfries, Glentrool is a straightforward drive along the A75, then turn off towards Girvan just after Newton Stewart.  Despite a later start than normal and having stopped at the Galloway Smokehouse, Carsluith along the way to pick up artisan smoked salmon and a fabulous feshly boiled lobster for my tea, I arrived at lunchtime. A quick sandwich, boots on and off up the hill.


The landscape around Glentrool is similar to that of the Lake District; rolling hills, the occassional peak and dotted with lochs of crystal clear water.  Throughout the walk I was reminded of Rothko as lines in the landscape transected from left to right creating blocks of colour and texture.  Sometimes the boundaries between them were distinct and clear, others were transient and feathery as subtle shades of blue, purple and green blended togther through the haze of distance.


The walk requires the ascent of two peaks: the first is Benyellary (719m, 2,359ft) then Merrick (843m, 2,766ft).  They are seperated by a rounded ridge called the Neive of the Spit.  I managed a quick colour sketch halfway up (a reasonable excuse to stop and catch my breath), a pencil sketch of Merrick from Benyellary and a colour sketch of the view towards Girvan from the summit of Merrick. The wind at the peaks was high, cold and unforgiving. I decided not to spend too much time taking in the well earned view and soon headed back the way I came.  A thermos of hot tea was waiting for me back at the car.

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